IT Advice and Design

An IT Infrastructure should be designed so it meets your business needs. As an independent partner, take a holistic approach to designing IT solutions, advising and delivering best practice technology changes and infrastructure transformation from SME environments to Enterprise environments, helping organizations to cut costs, improve service availability and increase productivity. will assign an experienced consultant who will comprehensively capture your requirements and design your solution. does not adopt a “one size fits all” approach to designing your IT infrastructure. Many years of experience across numerous industry sectors and technologies mean that can design and propose a solution that meets your requirements.

Second Opinion

Are you not satisfied with your current IT environment? Are you in doubt about your IT infrastructure? Do you foresee problems through business growth, or even shrinkage? Do you think your IT infrastructure could be more reliable, more efficient and cheaper?  

Where do you go if you need advice on IT matters? Most turn to their current provider, who typically can give them their view on IT and your business. The trouble is, unless you are paying for the advice it will tend to be generic and geared around a solution they can easily provide. That's why offers a second opinion service where we can verify the advice you have been given already before you make any decisions. 's  aim isn't to point the finger at earlier mistakes, but really to offer solutions to problems you may now have or to identify possible problems you could encounter going forward.  A second opinion can be worth a fortune and hindsight is a wonderful to see how your IT is organized.

Quick scan or a complete baseline assessment. With a second opinion you can judge whether you are on the right track. Through a quick scan, can quickly identify your surroundings and provide a first opinion on your IT infrastructure projects or IT infrastructure. When performing a baseline assessment, will perform a more in-depth research, and will make a "picture" of your current IT environment. will have a look at the organization, equipment, software, applications, connections, licenses and support contracts.

Implementation helps to plan the implementation of any IT infrastructure related change, keeping business interruption to an absolute minimum. will be there for you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth transition is experienced. will help you in providing training and documentation for your staff, giving them the confidence to use the systems effectively, providing higher levels of productivity.

In addition to infrastructure design and implementation, we offer project management services so you can concentrate on the benefits the implementation will deliver. Leaving to manage the project and you to concentrate on what you're good at.

Services offers customers a range of services that help you in constructing and maintaining your IT infrastructure. Tailored to every customer's business needs, from helping you building your IT infrastructure, as well as providing a range of services such as network assessment, picturing and providing intermediary services between your business and your IT suppliers.


Richard brings over 25 years of experience in the IT industry. Prior to founding he served several businesses in different IT roles. Richard is pragmatic, independent and highly motivated with broad experience in designing secure and stable IT infrastructures, helping companies achieve business agility through technology and aligning IT with business processes.

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